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Superior grip and moisture absorption with chalk that soothes & heals

Crafted with the highest quality magnesium carbonate, XChalk provides superior grip and moisture absorption for indoor and outdoor climbing. Our organic botanicals work to soothe and heal your hands, protecting them from the harsh effects of climbing and ensuring you can climb harder for longer.

what sets us apart

Only the highest quality ingredients

The perfect blend of high-quality magnesium carbonate and organic botanicals, ensuring optimum grip and skin conditioning

Mady by Climbers for climbers

As avid climbers ourselves Szent was founded with the mission to create the highest quality chalk products for climbers, boulderers, and fitness enthusiasts

Seeking improvement every day

Just as you strive to become a little better each day, our commitment to quality ensures we provide you with the finest products to assist you on your journey.

Superior Grip and moisture absorption


Superior Grip and Skin Conditioning


What our products offer

100% Natural Ingredients

Only the highest quality natural ingredients in all our products

Soothing & Healing

Our organic blend of natural botanicals works to soothe and heal your hands.

Superior grip

A formula that ensures the best possible grip and moisture absorption

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